The Beautiful Mind of Fathoming the Heart of Her Grandmother

Lee Sun-ok from Changwon, South Korea


I have a niece, who has a very beautiful mind. She sincerely cares about her grandmother. She sends her grandmother’s favorite snacks, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and oranges from time to time, and remits some money to her three times a year, asking her to eat something delicious.

This kind niece had very difficult times last year. She had been childless for long after getting married, so she had been distressed. Then she could barely conceive, but she lost the baby right before giving birth. Upon hearing the news, I went to the hospital where my niece was, without having a time to grieve. Heartbroken, my niece said that she had been only waiting to see the baby in a healthy condition, raising it in her for nine months.

“Auntie. I miss my daughter so much though I didn’t see her face even once. How much more my grandmother is missing my mother?” Her mother is my younger sister. At that time, my mother and I couldn’t keep in touch with my younger sister for a long time. It’s because she got us wrong and turned away for some reason. My niece said that she would persuade her mother to see her grandmother and me when she came to the hospital to see her.

Thanks to her consideration, my mother and I could see my younger sister. We were careful to say hello to her as we didn’t know what she would feel, but we were happy enough to see her again. I hope that the day when she will completely open her heart will come soon.

Later, my niece could give birth to twin daughters. I am proud of my niece who has overcome the ordeal. I am grateful to my niece for fathoming her grandmother’s heart in the midst of such hardship. I hope my niece will always be happy with the babies who were born healthily. My pretty niece, I love you, and I am proud of you.