Hoping to Be the Protagonist of the New Book of Acts

Song Hye-ju from Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic


‘O God, I will do anything if I can go to heaven, so please give me confidence in salvation.’

This is what I always made sure to say whenever I prayed, because I wasn’t confident in my salvation though I went to church. Although I was young, I was so scared of going to hell that I went for all kinds of retreats, praise gatherings, and early morning prayer meetings. I also read the Bible every day, and waited to have confidence in going to heaven.

One cold winter day, I met two angels who were preaching the truth, and I learned about the Sabbath day, the Passover, and many more. I received a new life immediately, and studied the Bible in Zion every day.

The more I studied the Bible, the more confidence I gained in salvation. I didn’t want to keep the truth to myself, and it seemed like everybody would accept the truth when they heard it. I preached the gospel to people around me. However, unlike what I had expected, no one wanted to listen to the word, but rather, they hindered me from keeping the Sabbath day.

Experiencing the spiritual hardship, I prayed to God with tears every day to help me keep the Sabbath day. Hearing my prayers, God turned the opposing hearts of my family and let me keep my faith.

After climbing over a huge mountain, my passion for the gospel blazed up. My dream for the overseas mission, which I had dreamed of since I received the truth, grew bigger and bigger. I thought that it would be possible, because I had already experienced that God listens to all prayers when I offer them up earnestly. That faith soon became reality.

My first location for overseas mission was New York in the U.S. Assimilated with the fervor and passion of the New York brothers and sisters, which I had always heard about, I preached the gospel excitedly. While spending a happy time, I got married, which was one of the major life events. Then my husband and I built a nest in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Raleigh Zion was a small house church that started with three souls who had been found during a short-term mission.

The life in a house church was totally different from that in a big church. Until then, we just went to church whenever there was a feast, and participated in events; we just followed whatever was going on. However, in a house church, we had to lead all things such as preparing for the feasts, cooking, and taking care of brothers and sisters. As I was put in a position where I had to lead things instead of following them, I could definitely feel how comfortable I had been in Zion until then; I couldn’t help but give thanks to God for willingly sacrificing Himself for me to be fed with the word in Zion and to grow well, and to brothers and sisters for their devotional love.

Two years passed while I was moving around for the gospel work—from Raleigh to Wilmington, from Wilmington to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, and from Pittsburgh back to Raleigh. When we came back to Raleigh, the number of the brothers and sisters had grown from ten to sixty. The members continued to grow in number, and in the end, over 100 members kept the service in the house church. The place was too small, so we used every space including the stairs, and the hallway, but it was not enough. Soon a beautiful temple was built in Raleigh. I still remember how excited the brothers and sisters were, shouting for joy and jumping up and down like calves.

My husband and I left the U.S. under God’s guidance, embracing all beautiful memories in us, and now we want to write a new Book of Acts in the Dominican Republic. There are many people who are waiting for the light of the truth here, too. One day, we went out to preach in Mao, the capital of Valverde Province in the Dominican Republic, and there we met a woman. But then it turned out that she was the chief manager of a school in Mao. She asked us to introduce the truth of God the Mother to her school teachers and students, so we went to the school with a presentation material and the church introduction video. That day, we preached the truth in front of over 150 people.

Then one of the school managers was moved by the truth, and said, “Here is no real church. I hope the Church of God will be established in Mao so that everyone can be saved.”

Hearing what she said, we engraved more clearly on our hearts the mission to fulfill in the Dominican Republic. We pray that the Church of God will be established not only in Mao, but all over the Dominican Republic, so that many souls can be saved according to Mother’s wish and their wish as well.

I experienced precious moments, walking the gospel journey according to God’s call. Whenever I had to go grocery shopping to cook for brothers and sisters, I had a big backpack, a grocery shopping bag, and even a shopping trolley bag, and took the bus from a supermarket to Zion. Although it wasn’t easy to carry all the heavy baggage, I was more joyful and thankful than tired. Although I cannot dare to compare myself with Mother, whenever I carried the groceries, I felt like I was following the path of Mother who carried a heavy potato sack on Her head to feed Her children in the early days of our church.

Sometimes, I ask the brothers and sisters to do me a strange favor to pinch me, because I am often confused if it is a dream or reality. It still feels like a dream that a sinner like me has become a gospel worker and is participating in the work of salvation which is led by God.

Heavenly Father and Mother’s glory will be preached to all people in the Dominican Republic very soon. Until that day, and until the moment the gospel is preached to all seven billion people, I will not stop walking the gospel path, because I want to remain forever as the protagonist of the new Book of Acts, which is being written in the kingdom of heaven.