How Not to Forget


A man went to the lecture of a celebrity. His lecture was so popular that the man barely managed to buy a ticket and enter the lecture hall. As he had expected, the lecture was very informative, and while listening to the lecture, he was highly encouraged to live a better life from then on.

One thing he regretted was that he didn’t bring a notebook and pen. Because he couldn’t take notes, he was worried about forgetting the contents that he wanted to memorize for long such as cutting remarks and touching stories.

After the lecture, he came across the celebrity who was about to leave the hall. He greeted the lecturer gladly. After a short conversation, he expressed how sorry he was for not having written down the contents of the lecture.

Then the celebrity said, “The habit of taking notes is good, but there is a better habit. It is putting into practice what touched your heart. If you do that, you’ll never forget it.”