Mother’s Teaching No. 2

“When we give glory to God, that glory will be ours in the end.”


When we see a tree with abundant fruit, we tend to focus only on the visible parts—the fruit and the branches—and overlook the roots. However, the role of the roots is absolutely essential; they provide water and nutrients until the tree produce good fruit. Without the roots, the tree cannot exist. Moreover, if the roots do not function properly, the tree cannot sustain itself or bear fruit, no matter how thick and strong the branches are.

Likewise, everything we’ve done can seem to be our own achievements, but actually it has been achieved through the power of God who works invisibly like the roots. We must never forget that. ‘I have done it myself’—it’s a very foolish and dangerous thought. Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, lost all his wisdom and lived like an animal when he did not think of God and proudly thought he had achieved everything. If we give credit for ourselves, we become arrogant and lose even the mind to obey God. As a result, we will miss out on God’s blessings. God wants us to be blessed by giving all glory to Him and relying humbly on Him. Keeping in mind that the branches cannot bear fruit without the roots, we should glorify God who is with us and helps us at every moment of our lives.

God said that when we glorify Him, He will give glory back to us. It is a matter of course that we give glory to God who accomplishes everything for us. Nevertheless, God has promised us blessings for it. Remembering this promise of God, we should give glory to God in everything we do, so that we can be blessed as God’s wise children.

Food for Thought
What is Mother’s Teaching No. 2?
Let’s talk about reasons we should glorify God.