Mother’s Teaching No. 3

“When we look at things beautifully without hatred in our hearts, we can achieve perfect love.”


There is no one perfect in the world because we are all sinners. Everyone has his merits and demerits. No matter how good one’s character seems to be, he has demerits in some ways, and no matter how faulty one’s character seems to be, he has merits in some ways. If we have hate, we will only find faults in others, but if we have a beautiful mind, we can find something good and gracious.

It is not easy to have a beautiful mind in all circumstances. However, if we try to look at our brothers and sisters with a beautiful mind, relying on the word of God, we can achieve the perfect love and give joy to our God as explained in the Teachings of Mother.

We should remember that God loves our brothers and sisters as much as He loves us. At times, we forget our brothers and sisters are precious and find fault with them. From God’s perspective, however, all our brothers and sisters are precious beings whom God has been making perfect patiently over a long period of 6,000 years. God loves all our brothers and sisters, so He wanted to save them with His own life. But what if we dislike them? How heartbroken God will be! Even if we may see faults in our brothers and sisters, let’s remember our God loves them, and regard them as precious with a beautiful mind. When we think of God who loves us though we are full of faults, we have every reason to look at them with a beautiful mind.

Food for Thought
What is Mother’s Teaching No. 3?
Let’s talk about why we should have a beautiful mind even when we see the faults of our brothers and sisters.