Mother’s Teaching No. 8

“When we compliment our brothers and sisters, compliments will return to us.”


Words have great power and are like an echo. When we compliment others, compliments return to us. When we blame others, they blame us as well. This is the reason Mother taught us, “When we compliment our brothers and sisters, compliments return to us.” When we remember this teaching and compliment and encourage one another even in small things, the compliments and encouragement will return to us. In addition, God, who remembers everything, will compliment us and give us blessings.

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Mt 7:12

We should also remember that God is pleased when brothers and sisters are united in Zion (Ps 133:1–3). How can the members of the spiritual family share love and be united with one another? When we compliment and encourage one another with love, we can unite.

Since we are sinners, we make mistakes and sometimes speak or act improperly. However, if we frequently expose and point out the faults of brothers and sisters, Zion will never have unity. When we see brothers’ and sisters’ faults or shortcomings, we should remember that we, too, are sinners who are lacking in many ways, and compliment them, covering their faults. When we do so, Zion can be perfect in unity and God will be pleased.

By putting the teachings of God into practice, let us compliment brothers and sisters, achieve perfect unity in Zion, and receive many blessings from God.

Food for Thought
What is Mother’s Teaching No. 8?
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