Though We Cannot Meet

Amelia Kitinoja from Denver, CO, U.S.


Ever since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the world, our circumstances have changed drastically in the United States. Almost everything in our daily life had stopped, including our job, and we could not even go to church. Despite the situation, the work of salvation for souls has been remarkably fulfilled with God’s help.

A sister called me one day and asked me if I could study over the phone with a brother’s wife who had all of a sudden shown interest in the Bible. I willingly said I was available. I studied with Debbie twice almost every week over the phone. Studying with her in a situation where we could not meet freely, I was anxious. I was worried if she could understand and accept God’s word because we hadn’t seen each other’s face. While I was praying to God so that Debbie too can go to Heaven, I was reminded of myself when I first studied the Bible. Even though I studied the Bible for months, I hesitated every time I was asked to receive the blessing of a new life. Now I understand the patience that the sister, who led me to the truth, must have had with me. Thinking of the fact that I received God’s blessings because she did not give up on me even for a moment, I felt grateful once again. So I too decided to be patient and wait for Debbie by praying for her. Despite the situation where it was difficult to go to Zion, I believed that God would surely open for us the way to salvation.

After studying the Bible for over a month, we were finally able to go to church. Holding my breath, I asked Debbie if she wanted to become a child of God, and she answered yes in a cheerful voice without any hesitation, saying that she had been waiting for me to ask for it. I felt a kind of joy that I had never felt in my entire life. We agreed to meet, and I arrived a little earlier, nervously waiting for her. When I saw the brother, I knew the woman next to him was Debbie. When she met me, tears glossed her eyes the whole time. I could feel how much she had been waiting for the truth of salvation and how excited she was after hearing God’s words. When we went to Zion, all members warmly welcomed her. Thanks to the members who treated her like a family member, she did not feel new to Zion although it was her first time there, and she appreciated their hospitality.

Seeing how Sister Debbie was led to God, I realized that no matter how hard and difficult the circumstances are, we can find for sure our very last heavenly family members because God leads them. In whatever circumstance we are, we must never give up on finding our heavenly family members.