General Assembly Awards Ceremony 2024 & Worldwide Gospel Vision Proclamation Ceremony

Reflecting on 60 Years of the Church of God and Looking Forward to a Happy Future


March 10, 2024 4150 Views

On March 10, one day before the new year by the sacred calendar, the General Assembly Awards Ceremony 2024 was held at the Okcheon Go&Come Training Institute along with the Worldwide Gospel Vision Proclamation Ceremony. This event served as an opportunity to not only review the gospel work last year but also to reflect on the 60-year history of the church and reaffirm the commitment to the “preaching to 8 billion people.” A total of 13,000 attendees, including title or position holders and the pastoral staff both domestic and overseas, participated in the General Assembly.

During the first part of the worship service, Heavenly Mother expressed Her heartfelt gratitude to the members who dedicated themselves to the salvation of souls. She taught the value of the eternal heavenly rewards that will be given to those who make efforts to lead many souls to righteousness, and prayed earnestly that every single one of them would receive blessings in heaven. She said, “God’s word contains love that saves one soul. Let us lead many people to the kingdom of heaven by clothing ourselves with Christ’s love and proclaiming the Passover, the truth of life, to the whole world.” The attendees were reminded of the mission of evangelists who fulfill God’s will.

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol said, “We are placed within the grand plan of God’s salvation. Let us believe in the roles and responsibilities assigned to each of us, following the Lamb wherever He goes, and work together in unity to splendidly fulfill the gospel.”

In the second part of the awards ceremony, a total of 146 awards were presented to the churches that achieved remarkable results in five categories: preaching, education, establishment of churches, and others. Yeongtong Church in Suwon, Korea, Cheongcheon Church in Incheon, Korea, Washington D.C. Church in the United States, and Maputo Church in Mozambique were among the churches recognized for their abundant outcomes. Apart from that, Mother complimented the Head Office Divisions for IWBA, IUBA, IMBA, and ISBA for their devotion to educating members on the truth and character development by age group, and also the Video Mission Center and the Publication Mission Center under the World Headquarters for contributing to the spread of the gospel with content containing God’s will.

Following this, the Worldwide Gospel Vision Proclamation Ceremony commenced. General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol emphasized, “The purpose of the Church of God is to carry out God’s work, which is spreading the truth of salvation to the entire world.” He declared with strength that, as the church celebrates its 60th anniversary, it aims to complete preaching to 8 billion people, share the hope of heaven with those in despair due to various disasters, and create a happy world for all through love and servanthood, thus achieving harmony and peace among humanity.

The special video, which encapsulated the historical moments of the church’s growth journey built upon the love and sacrifice of Heavenly Father and Mother, as well as the passionate dedication of the saints, instilled attendees with the confidence that the preaching to 8 billion people is indeed achievable.

Lastly, representatives of 15 Church Divisions by continent made a resolution to preach the truth of the new covenant to 245 countries around the world. Participants responded with a dynamic flag performance. The waves of flags filling the venue and the resounding cheers truly reflected the passion of the saints toward completing world evangelism.

Heavenly Mother praised the sincere dedication of the members who worked tirelessly for the gospel and reiterated Her support for realizing the vision declared on this day. The attendees said, “Our hearts are racing because God is calling us to be the protagonist of the work of salvation. Walking with Father and Mother, we will lead mankind to salvation.” Amidst the saints’ desires to open up a future where everyone is happy, the blessed New Year of 2024 has dawned, promising to script a new chapter of miraculous gospel work.