Give a Glass of Water with Love


Water has a great influence on health that people even say, “If you drink water properly, you can have good health and longevity.”

Water releases toxins out of the body, helps blood circulation, and promotes metabolism. In addition, it plays a variety of roles, such as increasing the level of immunity and improving the skin condition.

The American Institute for Cancer Research reported that people who drink more than four glasses of water a day have a fifty percent or less chance of developing colorectal cancer and cystitis than those who drink less than two glasses of water a day.

If you do not drink enough water, waste accumulates in your cells and you easily get tired.

This month, give your family a glass of water with sincerity. The water full of love will be better for your family health!

Give a glass of water in the morning.
Pour water into a glass when a family member takes medicine.
Make sure the water temperature is not too cold or too hot.
Caffeinated coffee or green tea cannot be a substitute for water.
Put sliced lemons or herbs in water.
Hand a water bottle to the family member who’s going out or going for a workout.
Give it with a smile and in a gentle tone.