The Proper Mindset of Worshipers


The disposition of a worshiper must be one of respect toward God. For example, if we were meeting a king, we would prepare appropriately for it. How much more should we do our best to prepare to meet God, the Creator of the universe?

We should realize the blessing and the importance of worship, prioritize worship over anything else, and participate in worship with a thankful mind. We should come to worship with our own faith, not being guided by the faith of others. When we have the proper mindset to prepare, we can have a holy and gracious worship to God.

What do we need to prepare before the worship time?

  • Prepare for worship by coming early before the appointed time.
  • Wear appropriate clothes so that our mind and body can become reverent before God.
  • Prepare the Bible, New Song book, and veil (for female members: 1 Co 11:5).

What is the proper disposition and mindset during worship?

We ought to worship God

  • with honor and thanksgiving
  • with all of our heart, soul, and mind
  • by exalting God and humbling ourselves before Him
  • with a contrite spirit asking for forgiveness
  • in a holy manner with a heart full of love for God
  • by clearing our minds of secular thoughts and filling our hearts with only God’s word
  • with a respectful and reverent posture, not slouching or sleeping

Though we were destined to die, God gave us eternal life and salvation. Therefore, we ought to give thanks, praise, and glory to God by worshiping Him. In order for our worship to please God, we have to prepare our body and soul, and reverently worship God with thankfulness (Jn 4:24).

Food for Thought
What are the things that we need to check and prepare before worship?
What kind of disposition and mindset should we have during worship?