March 14, 2019

Order of Worship


All worship services have an established order of worship. There is a standard order of worship, however, they may not be the same for all of the churches due to certain circumstances. The standard guideline is as follows:

1) Silent Prayer

Closing your eyes and praying to God in silence with a godly mind (Ps 143:5).

2) Give Glory to God Through a New Song

Singing a New Song to God while standing together with all members, giving glory and thanks to Him for His grace (Rev 5:13).

3) Prayer

The preacher prays in this order: giving thanks, confessing our sins, and asking God for our wishes to be fulfilled; this too is done with all the members standing, and after the prayer finishes, everyone takes a seat.

4) Give Praise to God Through a New Song

Singing a Sabbath-related New Song during Sabbath worship services, and feast-related New Songs during feast days; the New Song is decided on the basis of the characteristics of the worship.

5) Prayer

This is a time to give thanks and glory to God as well as ask God for blessings. The one praying asks God to bless the preacher that he may give the proper spiritual food at the proper time so that the members may be moved and blessed.

6) Special Choir

It is good if there is a special choir that pays the utmost respect to God and makes the worship more holy and godly. However, churches that are not large enough to have a choir may skip this part.

7) Sermon

The preacher delivers the word of God so that the members may graciously realize God’s will. Just as we get hungry when we do not eat, it is the same with our souls. If we do not have spiritual food—the word of God, we become spiritually weak and unhealthy. Therefore, it is very important that members pay attention to the sermon.

8) Present Offerings and Praise to God

It is gracious to offer with praise for the promise that God has given us.

9) Pray over the Holy Offerings

Depending on the circumstance of the church, the Presider, an Elder, a Missionary, or an Elderess can lead the prayer; the prayer should be a thankful petition asking for blessings upon the offerings.

10) Announcements

This is the time to announce good news about the church or the members. Notices can be delivered to the members during this time. As parts of one body, the members strengthen their love for each other by rejoicing together in happy events and sharing burdens under difficult circumstances.

11) Prayer of Our Wishes

All the members recite the Prayer of Our Wishes together.

12) Silent Prayer

The members silently thank God for the worship, asking Him for blessings and grace for the upcoming week.

13) Closing Declaration

The presider informs the members of the time of the next worship, hoping to meet them again, and concludes the worship.

* If a weekly worship and an annual feast fall on the same day, the worship is conducted with the regulations of the annual feast taking precedence.

Let us all receive many blessings by worshiping God in a holy and gracious manner.

Food for Thought
What is the standard guideline under which worship is conducted?