To Seek Souls More Precious than Pure Gold

Steffy Aquiline Adelbert from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


By God’s grace, our Kota Kinabalu Zion was blessed to have the very first short-term mission in 2017. The first trip was to Paparand in February and the second trip was to Tuaran in March. Paparand is one of the districts in Sabah. Preaching in Paparand was my biggest hope after I received the truth several years ago because this is my hometown. Just as the Bible prophesied that the gospel of the kingdom would be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (Mt 24:14), now is the time for the prophecy to be fulfilled, and what made me amazed most was that God chose me to join this short-term mission.

Heavenly Mother had blessed us with the words of blessing, “Wherever you go, Zion will be established.” Her words gave us hope and courage; we were full of the Holy Spirit. Our short-term mission team members kept Mother’s words of blessing in our minds and searched for precious souls in unity.

It was difficult to find our lost brothers and sisters. But God Elohim spent Their lifetime seeking for Their children. How hard and heartbreaking it must have been! Thankfully, I could realize even a little bit of Father and Mother’s suffering during this short-term mission.

We successfully achieved our goal of finding healthy fruits physically and spiritually. One of them is Brother Paulinus. He always carried the Bible with him and read it at every free time; the brother seemed to have been waiting for the call of the Spirit and the Bride. The day he accepted the truth was the Third-day. He not only kept the service, but also sang the New Song with all his heart. After the worship, he continued to study the truth, and realized that Father Ahnsahnghong is the true Savior in this age. That moment, I realized again why the Bible says one soul is more precious than silver or gold.

On the last day of the short-term mission trip, another beautiful fruit was borne; he is Brother Julie. When he was asked if he’d ever heard about Heavenly Mother, he asked us back, “Oh, is She the Bride in the Bible?” and he explained to us that he had been preached by his sister before. Although it was a very long time ago, he still could recall. The brother immediately received the sign of salvation after hearing the gospel and became a member of our heavenly family. This was truly a touching moment.

Father and Mother had prepared beautiful fruits for us. What mattered was how much we made effort to seek them.

If we search them with a heart of Mother, surely we will find them who are more precious than pure gold. Heavenly Father climbed the deep mountains, saying, “If I do not go, who will preach to them?” If we are always reminded of Father, we will never despair at all. Thanks to such realization, we could be joyful and thankful during the four days of the short-term mission trip.